Torque Retention Isolation Sealing Solutions

TRI-Seal® introduces rigid spheres into expandable sealant materials which are used to seal interfaces where faster load retention and/or separation of dissimilar materials are important.

What is TRI-Seal®?

Torque Retention Isolation Sealing Solutions (TRI-Seal®) is engineered to provide torque retention and isolation at interfaces where load retention and/or separation of dissimilar materials is important, and robust sealing against water, air and dust intrusion is required.

TRI-Seal® is made up of non-conductive Alumina rigid spheres dispersed into L&L’s sealant materials. There are two different forms: dry-to-the touch and tacky. TRI-Seal® dry-to-the-touch requires heat to activate the expandable sealant material. TRI-Seal® tacky does not require heat and self-adheres to a mating surface. Torque retention is achieved by the clamp force between substrates being supported by the rigid Alumina spheres. The result, a unique product that is capable of torque retention, isolation, and sealing all at the same time.

L&L Seal -
Torque Retention Isolation

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The robust and lightweight sealing solution with maximum sealing coverage and anti-corrosion features.


In order to meet specific application requirements, we offer both dry and tacky solutions. For the dry to touch seal, the sealing material is thinner than the spheres to ensure the contact with the metal. For the tacky seal, a thicker seal can be achieved so that the material can flow under clamp load to ensure maximum sealing coverage.

Dry-to-the-touch TRI-Seal®
Dry-to-the-touch TRI-Seal®
  • Laser cut and sold in rolls or sheets
  • Heat bonded to a mating surface or interference fit on a bolt or stud
  • Seal material thinner than spacers to insure contact with mating panels
Tacky TRI-Seal®
Tacky TRI-Seal®
  • Rotary die-cut
  • Self-adhere to a mating surface
  • Ability to locally concentrate the rigid spacers in areas where required
  • Seal material thicker than spacers to allow flow under compression for maximum sealing coverage
  • Customized engineered option (Lock Seal) to increase slip force


With over 50 years of sealing experience, our experienced engineering team work closely with our customers to develop tailored solutions that meet their specific requirements for a wide range of applications.

Hood Hinges/Latches

Door Hinges/Strikers

Bolted/Riveted Attachments

Lift Gate/Tailgate Hinges

Dissimilar Material Interfaces


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